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Here's a quick snapshot of some of the nice things people have written about us.. <3


Sydney Morning Herald - Goodfood by Candice Chung

"Brewristas may only be three months old, but already it has caught the attention of big players such as Mecca, Campos and Toby's Estate.  Turns out word has got around that the ex-engineer makes a killer cup."


Broadsheet Sydney by Annie Bettis

"A quiet storefront, sandwiched between the small bars and bookshops lining Glebe Point Road, has become the home of new cafe and brew bar, Brewristas.

Inside there is a simple set up, with white walls and wooden place settings leading out to a wooden back deck, which is filled with students well into the evening."


Chocolatesuze by Susan Thye 

"Porky Pig’s Hotteok is a honey jam pancake sandwiched with crispy bacon, a poached egg, spicy guacamole, rocket and a mango & habanero mayo. The honey jam pancake is more of a muffin stuffed with honey jam, I know some people aren’t quite on the sweet and savoury combo bandwagon but as for me I’m firmly in that wagon and happily driving away."


Ramenraff by Raff

" There is no doubt that their milk-based and filter coffee is excellent. The food is not only delicious but innovative too. Brewristas is a great addition to the Glebe neighbourhood and Sydney cafe scene."


Zen garage by Justin Fox

"Finally got to drop in to Kevin’s new cafe Brewristas in Glebe yesterday with Alain. It’s next level, it’s going to change coffee culture in Sydney, mark my words!"


Littleeats by Nicole Cubbin

"Families will love the back courtyard which is positioned away from the road and protected from the hustle and bustle of the main cafe and kitchen. The huge chalkboard wall should keep the little ones entertained for hours or they can have a swing on the cute chair. This is definitely the place to come for your caffeine fix!"


2 Hungry Guys by Katrina

"As soon as I saw that Kevin’s Balls (hehe) were filled with roasted pork belly, tofu, kim chi, sweet potato and encrusted with cripsy shin ramyun crunch, I knew we had found a winner."


Irene's getting Fat! by Irene

"For something heavier, go for the Porky Pig's Hotteok, a genius fusion of Korean and Western, with the use of one of my favourite Korean street food ever: hotteok. It's pan-fried pancake filled with peanuts, cinnamon, and sugar, although in this version they use honey and jam as the filling. The idea of using them as buns for crispy bacon, rocket, poached egg, spicy guacamole, and mango & habanero mayo is pure brilliant.

I am not even a big fan of sweet-savoury combo (chocolate-covered potato chip? Yuck), but this one went straight to my favourite list."


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