Our story

Established by a tight-knit family of friends with a common passion for quality coffee, Brewristas is home to a cafe, micro roaster and retailer in the heart of Glebe.

At Brewristas, we believe there is a science to delicious coffee which requires a degree of deliberate research, and innovative experimentation. We don't have all the answers, but are dedicated to the cause. We live and breathe it, and we love it. We want to share this.

Our core values are consistency, transparency, sustainability and community.

We seek coffees we know about. We aim to extract distinctive characteristics in each cup. We are dedicated to finding ways to keep it memorable. We're mindful of sustainability and ethical practices and promise to never compromise on this. We want to extend our appreciation of coffee and hope to share our learnings with all those willing to hear our story.


Meet our family


Meet Kevin (Kevin Ly)

Alternative brewer, Engineer, Car Enthusiast.

Kevin is obsessed with finding the optimum extraction that ensures an exquisite cup each and every time. So much so that his research lab has been mistaken for the set of Breaking Bad; #breakingbeans

When he isn't experimenting with coffee, he's on the track or at the snow. He also lifts.

Chat to Kevin about alternative coffee, snowboarding and cars.


Meet Denny (Denny Luong)

Espresso sifu (master), Photographer, Radiographer, Food Blogger.

Denny knows his way around an espresso machine or two and has put a few to rest developing his grinding skills (pun intended). His passion for coffee extends far beyond his latte art, and flows well into the kitchen. You'll find some of his inspirations on our menu.

He knows the ins-and-outs of Aussie eateries, enjoys capturing the occasional sunrise/sunset.

Chat to Denny about all things food (and coffee) and photography.


Meet Kat (Katharine Suy)

Tea girl, Digital Marketer, DREAMER.

Kat’s journey with coffee started before she was born; her mother & uncle were street roasters in the South of Vietnam, and their work funded the family move to our land down under.

Fast forward 40 years, Kat throws added enthusiasm, history, and diversity to the mix. Kat’s also our tea girl - an advocate for loose-leaf tea and its delightful pairing with food. You’ll find some of her favourites on our menu.

When not treating herself or others with a cuppa, she’s dreaming of her next holiday. Her wanderlust often gets the best of her.

Chat to Kat about tea, travel or which instagram filters to use.


Meet Steven (Steven Wong)

Roaster, IT genius, Pokemon Master.

Steven brings his mathematical intelligence to the roastery. He challenges the variances of heat and time to bring out the natural notes of each origin in every roast. His love for this therapeutic art is demonstrated in his elevated focus between first and second crack.

When not indulging in coffee related activities, Steven likes to take his two-wheeler for a spin. He’s also got a couple of pokemon titles under his belt.

Chat to Steven about roasting and how to become a pokemon master.


We're happy to talk coffee any time of the day. We want to hear about your experiences and stories with coffee.

We are always seeking feedback so that we can improve your experience with us, so please don't be afraid to tell us how it is - otherwise we'll never learn.